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October 1, 2002

High-End Audio's New World

In the fast-growing world of publishing, online magazines are becoming increasingly prevalent -- and powerful. The reasons for the explosive growth are obvious to most -- efficiency, timeliness, and quality -- and the SoundStage! Network is on the cutting edge of all of these.

So we’re proud to welcome you to Ultra Audio, a publication available only online -- and free of charge. Ultra Audio grew out of the popular SoundStage! column of the same name. We realized quickly that the potential scope of the column was far larger than even a monthly column could encompass. Therefore, a new site was born.

Ultra Audio has its own writing team, and as with all of our sites, it also has a distinct mission and a personality all its own. Each month you will read about cutting-edge products that are, more than likely, out of the ordinary -- "to the extreme," as Ultra Audio's tag line goes. Whether products be two-channel or multichannel, if they push the boundaries in terms of performance or execution -- or both -- they will all be covered here. And Ultra Audio will also encompass products across all price ranges -- "ultra" and "extreme" don’t always mean "expensive." This is a publication that's dedicated to the edge of the art for sound reproduction -- at any price. Updates will be made on the 1st and 15th of each month.

So sit back and enjoy this unique new publication. It represents a new standard for online publishing and presents a new world of high-end audio.

Doug Schneider
SoundStage! Network

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