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February 1, 2003

New Beginnings

Starting a new venture is never easy, especially when joining a team of such talented and enthusiastic writers as those who make up Ultra Audio. Some of these good people I’ve worked with in the past; the rest I've followed over the years and have grown to respect. Living up to expectations -- both those of the SoundStage! Network staff and my fellow writers -- and the lofty goals I impose upon myself can also cause a case of the jitters. Couple this with navigating the oftentimes awkward phases inherent in building new relationships, not to mention nurturing a relatively new publication into fruitful maturity, and you may be reaching for the Rolaids.

Yet despite a serious case of butterflies, I feel as though I’ve come home. I have been in high-end audio for 13 years and have published reviews in Audio Adventure, Ultimate Audio, The Abso!ute Sound, and The Stereo Times.

What’s really exiting about Ultra Audio and what sets it apart from other publications is twofold. First, we have a truly unique opportunity -- for both the writers and the readers -- to focus upon cutting-edge products. Second, we have a great chance to generate the enthusiasm and excitement for high-end audio that are sadly missing from the majority of today’s more pedestrian publications.

From what I have seen of Ultra Audio so far, the objectives I’ve outlined above are already well on their way to being firmly established. Yet more than just tail wagging and heavy panting make up an Ultra Audio review. Combined with an energetic editorial tone, there must be a serious grasp of what a particular product sounds like as well as a focused and disciplined means of expressing those observations.

With the writing team Ultra Audio has assembled, the collective experience is sure to meet and beat any and all expectations. To achieve this month in and month out, our goal must always remain clearly in view: to raise the bar not just for Internet-based audio publications, but the high-end audio press in its entirety. In doing so, we will consistently provide you with a full measure of what you need to make the wisest choices when assembling not just another high-end-audio system, but an Ultra Audio system.

...Greg Petan

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