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January 1, 2006

Boulder Amplifiers 1060 Stereo Amplifier and 1010 Preamplifier: Ultra Audio’s Products of the Year for 2005

These days, most products labeled high-end are pretty good. I experienced no truly bad gear in 2005 -- more like different levels of very good to excellent. Perhaps the parity that now seems to exist in the industry makes the special pieces that much more special; elusive, in fact. The Boulder Amplifiers 1060 stereo amplifier ($20,750 USD) and 1010 preamplifier ($12,000) are standouts in what was already an exalted group of 2005 product reviews and features.

Boulder scored the trifecta with the 1010/1060 combo: ergonomic perfection, perfect build quality, and sound that was as neutral as I’ve encountered. In fact, my conclusion was likely the most exuberant I’ve ever written about any electronic components: "it is with singular confidence that I can say I’ve never heard more satisfying electronics than the Boulder 1010 and 1060." At the end of the day, how could we choose anything else? The Boulder Amplifiers 1060 stereo amplifier and 1010 preamplifier are unquestionably the Ultra Audio Products of the Year for 2005.

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...Jeff Fritz

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