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January 1, 2007

Ultra Audio's Products of the Year for 2006

Simaudio Moon Evolution Andromeda CD Player, P-8 Preamplifier, and W-8 Stereo Amplifier

I concluded the April 2006 edition of my column, "The World’s Best Audio System," with: "I could make the Simaudio Moon Evolution components my desert-island electronics." I was referring to the Andromeda CD player ($11,500 USD), P-8 preamplifier ($11,000), and W-8 stereo amplifier ($10,500), a system of electronics that function flawlessly together, sound delightful, and are wrapped up in knockout packages. I was blown away.

It’s not every day that I receive components for review that I can find hardly any fault with. There’s almost always something that keeps a product from being truly flawless. But what struck me about the Simaudio components was the completeness of their design: slick user interface, ample features, cosmetic perfection, and sound to die for. This Canadian firm has put it all together in a way few companies seem able to do. No caveats needed: I can’t imagine anyone not being thrilled with these products, and no other candidate came even close. The Simaudio Moon Evolution components are Ultra Audio’s Products of the Year for 2006.

Read the full review here.

...Jeff Fritz

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