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To Jeff Fritz,

As someone who owns a Gryphon Antileon Evo stereo amp, the dCS Vivaldi DAC, and Rockport Cygnus speakers, I obviously agree with your tastes. Two things I might add/change: I do believe that a good preamp adds something significant to sound quality, and I don’t believe the small difference in sound quality of the Antileon Monos justifies doubling the cost. In keeping with some of your more recent articles regarding value and opportunity cost, I would use the money saved on the Monos and put it into a good preamp, or into the listening room if you really want to run direct. As crazy high as these prices are I actually do think the dCS, Gryphon, and Rockport represent value in this crazy hobby.

I really enjoyed your articles about finding value and downsizing a bit. Avoiding the chase for bragging-rights gear that added very little. That took real courage. Don’t reverse course, Jeff. You’re the only one we can count on for telling the truth as you see it irrespective of the industry.

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