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To Jeff Fritz,

I recall an article that I wrote for SoundStage! Ultra in September 2008 (“The Birth and Life of an Audiophile: A Journey from Entry-Level to McIntosh”) about McIntosh Laboratory and wish to express my opinion that McIntosh Laboratory treats today’s technology tastefully by infusing it with timeless tradition.

My company, Sanch Electronix Ltd., was designated a McIntosh representative in 1982 and although the products became prohibitively expensive after a decade, we still provide service. In my article I described how, as part of my training, I had the experience of a lifetime: witnessing firsthand a demonstration of how the company’s most astute salesman, James Carroll, recruited his disciples.

I was excited to see that in September 2020, ever mindful of its “Rolls-Royce” philosophy, McIntosh launched the MA12000 hybrid integrated stereo amplifier. Its features include ten analog and seven digital inputs and a stereo output of 350Wpc RMS. In my opinion, this is an unequivocally future-proofed “statement” product that may be construed as the company’s aggressive response to COVID-19. Oh, how I would love to hear this colossus of a behemoth, this culmination of decades of selfless dedication to R&D in ergonomics, incorporating both vacuum-tube and solid-state technology.

Simeon Louis Sandiford
Trinidad and Tobago