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To Hans Wetzel,

Lovely review of the Linear Tube Audio Z40 integrated amplifier. I have the only one in Australia (so far), coupled with an old Denon turntable and my recently acquired LRS speakers from Magnepan. I clearly understand your comment at the end of your review where you mentioned the amp’s ability to sing. Adjusting the positioning of the LRSes to get the soundstage just right is tricky, but when you do there’s no coloration between you and the vinyl’s grooves, and, providing the final master mixing was done well, the combination of amp and speakers just soars. It is the most divine musical experience I have ever had. If you want “doof, doof, doof” bass in 4/4 time then this is not a system for you. But if you want to hear elastic bass that shrinks and expands infinitely whilst hearing the singer’s lips brush the grille of the microphone, I couldn’t recommend another system more highly.

Duncan Jones

That’s what it’s all about. Congratulations on finding your musical nirvana, Duncan. . . . Hans Wetzel