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To Jeff Fritz,

I read your review of the Devialet Expert 1000 Pro integrated amp and Hans Wetzel’s review of the Magico A3 speaker with great interest.

I have recently acquired a Devialet L’Original d’Atelier, updated to Devialet 1000 specs, and am considering which speakers to match it with. From various readings, I understand that Devialet and Magico work well together. Before I venture further (as I am based in the UK and in COVID-19 lockdown) to conduct some live tests, I was hoping I could confirm a few things with you.

Based on the review, the Magico A3 seems to compare favorably with more expensive models such as the S range. How would you say the A3 compares to the original Magico S5, which can now be acquired at a similar price to the new A3 in the secondhand market? Do technological improvements in the new A3 make it a more compelling proposition than the old S range?

Going even further, how would you say the A3 compares to the current S3 Mk II? Is the large price difference between the two models justified by performance, assuming a pairing with the Devialet 1000?

Finally, is the A5 just a larger, more powerful A3 with better bass reproduction, or is the large price difference explained by other factors?

Many thanks for your help.

United Kingdom

Each of the Magico speakers you list has a unique character, and all of them are technically proficient speakers capable of excellent sound, given the right partnering equipment and an appropriate listening environment. The Magico brand really does represent a great investment in proper sound no matter which model you choose. So in that sense you really can’t go wrong with any of the speakers you list.

Magico is also a technology company, and as such they invest heavily in new equipment, tooling, and fabrication methods based on the extensive use of measurements and computer modeling. Therefore, their newer models usually contain some advancements over older models. From what I know, this is definitely the case with the new A5, which is newest of the models you mentioned. In fact, some of the features seen in the A5, such as the new cone geometry using an aluminum honeycomb core, will surely inform Magico designs for years to come. If I were you, I’d invest in a pair of A5s and never look back. . . . Jeff Fritz