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To Hans Wetzel,

Prices on Magico speakers have risen dramatically. Have you heard the A1? Is this speaker okay for a 12′ × 15′ room, or does it make sense to buy the A3, which is about 50% more expensive? I listen almost exclusively to classical music. I’d appreciate any advice you could give me.

Also, was the A1 developed primarily for surround-sound or home-theater use, since Magico is also selling a center speaker and subwoofer that can be used with it?

Al Parker
United States

I have not heard the A1, which Doug Schneider reviewed on our sister site SoundStage! Hi-Fi, but I did review the A3 back in 2019. And while the A-series speakers were not designed primarily for surround-sound or home-theater use, any loudspeaker that’s as sonically accomplished as the Magicos should perform well in a home-theater setup.

The solution to your equation turns on two variables. First, do you predominantly play orchestral works, or more of the chamber variety? And second, do you generally play music pretty loudly? If you primarily listen to orchestral works, especially at higher volumes, I think the A3 makes a load of sense. Asking the little A1, which—like all Magicos—doesn’t have a bass-reflex port, to push a ton of air is asking for trouble. On the other hand, if you have a more balanced classical collection and don’t frequently listen at high volume levels, I think you may be very satisfied with the A1, especially since your room is not very large. I would expect that even though it lacks the higher maximum volume and more extended bass, the A1 should otherwise sound almost identical to its larger sibling. . . . Hans Wetzel