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To Jeff Fritz,

I really wish you hadn’t reviewed the SF Maxima Amator speakers. I’m an audiophile and an avid woodworker and those speakers have really put a spell on me, and I haven’t even heard them yet! But after your great review I must audition a pair.

Question: did you part ways with your Vimbergs in favor of the SFs?

Keep up the great work.

United States

Thanks for the note. The Sonus Faber Maxima Amator article you mention is not a formal review. It’s actually part of a series of three articles, recounting my ownership experience—I bought a pair of Maxima Amators for myself—from selection through setup to my listening experience. If you like beautiful wood and great sound, then gosh, I can’t imagine a better speaker than a Sonus Faber!

To answer your question: yes, I have moved on from the Vimberg Tondas that formerly inhabited my listening room.

Jeff Fritz