I have a pair of Wilson MAXX 2s driven by Krell Evolution 400 monoblocks and a Mark Levinson 32 preamp with a Weiss Jason/DAC202 as the source. I auditioned the Boulder 1010/1060 combo at local dealer and quite liked the overall performance!

I would like to see if you have any idea what the differences are between the 1010/1060 and 2010/2060. The dealer says the 1000 series has a more modern, "faster" sound than the 2000 series. What would be your comment?

Assuming money is not a concern, would you suggest the 1060 or 2060 to power MAXX 2s? Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,

In my listening tests, the 2000-series components were clearly superior to the 1000 series. The 2060 would do a much better job on the MAXX 2s than the 1060, no question. However, on March 1 in my "TWBAS" column you can read about an amplifier/preamplifier combination I like even better than the Boulders (which I still like a lot!). . . . Jeff Fritz