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Hi Jeff,

I hope you are well.

My good news is that I’ve just purchased my last pair of speakers (I hope). Like many audiophiles, I’ve owned dozens of pairs of this and that—high-end electrostatics, ribbons, you name it (and the same goes for amps and other components)—and I’ve decided I’ve had enough. I have purchased, new in the box, a pair of Sonus Faber’s Maxima Amators, and I want your opinion on an amp for them.

I’ve had valve amps before, and I’m not going down that path again. I’m thinking about a Pass Labs INT-60 integrated amp. What are your thoughts? Your views would greatly be appreciated.


Well, Clint, you’ve got great taste, my man. I absolutely love my Sonus Faber Maxima Amators. And they definitely fall into the Never Gonna Sell These category. Maybe more than any other high-end product I’ve owned, these speakers are as much art pieces as they are music makers. They enhance whatever space they are in, in a multitude of ways. So congrats!

As for the right amplifier: I’ve never heard a Pass Labs integrated amp, and it’s been at least a decade since I’ve had any Pass Labs products in my system. So I just can’t speak to the potential pairing of Sonus Faber and Pass Labs.

I do like the choice of a beefy integrated amp to pair with your Maxima Amators. Truthfully, there are a lot ways you can go. Five brands that come to mind initially are McIntosh Laboratory (sister brand to Sonus Faber), Luxman, Vitus Audio, Accuphase Laboratory, and Simaudio. All five of these companies make integrated amps that I am sure would work beautifully.

Enjoy those fine speakers, Clint, and be sure to write back and let me know which amp you end up with. Thanks for writing.

Jeff Fritz