I read your article ["How Close Can I Get for Half the Price or Less? -- Paradigm Reference Signature S2 v.3 Loudspeakers"] regarding the Signature S2 speakers and the Sub 2 subwoofer combo. How would the Sub 25 or Velodyne DD subwoofers compare with the Sub 2 if paired with the Signature S2s? I am looking for the cheapest deal, but still want great quality. I just can't afford to spend $7000 on a subwoofer. I am looking to spend between $2000 and $3000 on a subwoofer. Plus, what finish would you recommend getting for the S2?

Rick Bajwa

The subwoofers I recommend without hesitation are those from Paradigm and JL Audio. I've had direct experience with both and think very highly of them -- rock-solid build; deep, deep bass; very loud output levels; very good linearity; audibly low distortion. Given that you're looking for a sub to augment a pair of Paradigm Reference Signature S2s, the Paradigm sub is a natural choice. As for the Sub 25 specifically, I have heard that unit and it is really, really nice. I'm quite sure you'd be very happy with it (the Maple finish would be my choice). . . . Jeff Fritz