I really have enjoyed your articles over the years, particularly your speaker reviews and articles on subwoofers. I am very interested in your take on the Magico Q3 -- it looks like a good option for my 21' x 27' room (also thinking of Sashas). But I do have a question: In a recent letter on Ultra Audio you stated, regarding speakers, "Although I've admired many of the designs I've had contact with, there are always a few nagging issues, or the speaker hasn't really set itself apart to a great degree in terms of its engineering, build, and of course ultimately, its sound." But you have positively reviewed many speakers. If I read you right, you should have only positively reviewed a small handful. Can you clarify that? Thanks again for some really honest writing.

Bill Caswell

Thanks for the note, Bill, and for reading. Specifically, I was referring to speakers that I would personally own. That list is indeed very short. To say I'm ultra-picky when it comes to what I would spend my money on is an understatement. I know that I've been spoiled by years of reviewing simply the best gear in the world, and this has had quite the effect on my admittedly type-A personality. There are times when little, nagging issues with regards to sound just drive me crazy. I also freely admit that I want basically perfect build quality and extremely advanced engineering along with sound to die for. That doesn’t mean that I can’t admire and recommend lots of different gear for lots of different people. I realize that I'm quite extreme when it comes to high-end audio! And lastly, those Q3s should be here soon for audition, so hang tight. . . . Jeff Fritz