I noticed that your reviews of the Rockport Technologies Mira and Altair speakers were both done using a Vitus SS-101 integrated amplifier.

I'm interested in your subjective opinion on Vitus plus Rockport versus the more commonly seen Gryphon plus Rockport. It's understood that all three companies are top performers in the industry in terms of design and performance, but in your opinion does any clear advantage accrue to either pairing?

Also, in general terms how do the soundstages of the Vitus and Gryphon compare?

Thank you,
E. Jacobsen

The Gryphon and Vitus products are at the top of my electronics hierarchy. As you say, both lines are simply fantastic. And as you also seem to know, the Gryphon electronics share a special synergy with Rockport speakers, likely because those are the electronics that Andy Payor of Rockport uses in the design process of his products. The Gryphon/Rockport pairing is a can't-go-wrong proposition.

That's not to discount Vitus, however. In comparing the two from memory, the one thing I can tell you that separates them sonically is their soundstaging, which you specifically asked about. Simply put, the Vitus has one of the most focused, controlled soundstages of any electronics I know. By comparison, the Gryphons have an enveloping, simply massive soundstage. Either way, the Rockports will let you hear all that either brand can do. If you're considering pairing Rockport speakers with either Vitus or Gryphon, you're in a great position to assemble a truly "last purchase" audio system. . . . Jeff Fritz