Many thanks for your advice regarding the Boulder amplifier. At last I have brought both the 2010 preamplifier and the 2060 power amplifier home to drive the Wilson MAXX 2s! I love the combination very much! It's an entire level of sonic performance that I have never experienced before.

I am planning my next upgrade: I am looking at the Avalon speaker series. My listening room is 4.6m wide, 5.5m long, and 2.85m high. With this room size, do you think I can fit in a pair of Avalon Isis speakers? Or do you think the Avalon Time would be a better choice? And do think Avalon will make a better coupling with Boulder than Wilson?

Best Regards,


I'm glad you're enjoying your Boulder gear. It is wonderful equipment and I'm not surprised it has improved the performance of your system.

Regarding speakers, frankly I think there are much better choices than either the Wilsons or Avalons. If your goal is sonic accuracy, and all the musical joys that higher fidelity can bring, I can think of several speakers you'd be wise to audition. Speakers at the cutting edge of performance today use extremely sophisticated cabinet engineering, super-advanced drivers, and crossovers with innovative slope profiles that simply make for better sound.

For instance, I think the Magico Q5 is a simply stellar loudspeaker. A pair of Q5s will give you laser-like imaging that produces a magically precise soundstage, and will have extension at either end of the audible frequency band that very few speakers can approach. To be blunt, I think speakers like the Q5s are at a completely different level of the game from what you're considering, and at about the same price point. It's a no-brainer.

And this state-of-the-art sound is easy to hear. So I advise you to seek out the Q5s, along with several other brands that you can read about in the pages of Ultra Audio, and really take your system to a higher level. . . . Jeff Fritz