I commend your decision to review the Coda 15.0 power amp. Recently I had a chance to audition one in a pretty awesome system. We compared it to a few different amps -- some whose manufacturers advertise in your pages -- and, I must say, frankly, it blew us away. Its combination of bottomless power, see-through transparency, inner detail, and wall-busting soundstaging impressed the hell out of a bunch of seasoned ears. It didn’t sweep all categories, but even in the ones it didn’t win, it came in almost too close to call. 

I’ve known about Coda for some years now, and have always respected their decision to stay small and out of the limelight. In my opinion, they build some of the best amplifiers in the industry, period. And their value quotient is off the charts. 

I own a CSi-B integrated and modified S12.5 power amp. Both are great amps -- especially the 12.5, which is almost identical sonically to the 15.0 at half the price -- and punch way above their weight classes. They’re not perfect (what amp is?), but their utter balance and close approach to neutrality, with just a pinch of sweetness, made them an easy choice for me. Anyway, I’m looking forward to your review of the 15.0. It’s a fabulous component in all respects. 

Justin Self

The 15.0 review will be published here on June 15. . . . Jeff Fritz