I just came across your very interesting and informative website.

I would really like to know your impressions on the Coda 15.0 vs. the Coda 33.0. My speakers are Legacy Whisper XDs (the ones with the built-in bass amplification) and I am looking to buy a good amp to drive them.

What are your impressions of the Legacy Whisper speakers?


Since your speakers have built-in amplification for the bass drivers and are rated at a very high 95dB sensitivity, I'd opt for the class-A version of Coda's flagship stereo amp, the 15.0. It should provide more than enough power -- 100Wpc in class A, 150Wpc in class AB (both into 8 ohms) -- to drive your speakers to crazy-loud volume levels. The 33.0 will output 300Wpc into 8 ohms, but you'll miss that special class-A sound that the lower-powered amp was designed to provide.

I've heard the Legacy Whisper speakers at shows and they sound quite good, but I've never had a pair in my listening room. . . . Jeff Fritz