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I have been perusing your coverage of the High End show in Munich.

Solely from the perspective of their price points, it appears that the new Pandora preamplifier and the Mephisto stereo amplifier represent Gryphon's new top-of-the-line products. This notion is further supported by your comments and by those in Gryphon's latest catalog. Is this a valid inference on my part?

Also, did Gryphon allude to making a monoblock version of the Mephisto amplifier? Thank you for your time.

E. Jacobsen.

Yes, the Mephisto and Pandora are Gryphon's new top-of-the-line amplifier and preamplifier, respectively. Essentially, they create a fourth tier in the Gryphon hierarchy. How do they compare with the Colosseum and Mirage? I suppose time will tell.

As for a monoblock version of the Mephisto, yes it does appear that one will be coming soon. When it comes, that will be the top dog in the Gryphon stables. . . . Jeff Fritz