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To Jeff Fritz,

I was wondering if you have a review written about the sonic differences between the Magico Q3 and Q7 speakers. I'm looking for that bass and slam [that you discuss in your Q7 review] as well. I wonder if the Q3 and the QSub-15 would do the trick also. Any thoughts? Thanks Jeff.

Aaron Barnes
United States

Although I have written separate reviews on the Q3 and Q7, I have not specifically compared them in an article, and I have never heard a QSub in my system. Still, from my experiences with Magico products and other fine subwoofers I do think I can lend an opinion. As far as the Q3/QSub-15 combo, I think you could get outstanding sound. The key would be to seamlessly integrate the subwoofer into the system in a way that allows it to do its work without drawing undue attention to its output. This can be done, no question, though it will take some effort. This combination could provide world-class sound without breaking into the six figures if everything is done right.

Having said that, I think the Q7 would be far superior. Firstly, you do not have to worry about subwoofer integration because that's already been done for you. The Q7 is full range in the purest sense, and it will give you subwoofer-type bass depth and power in the context of a single-tower design. Although you will not get the flexibility to move the subwoofer to an optimum location for bass as you would a QSub-15 (or any other subwoofer for that matter), I think the seamless integration in this case from all of the Q7's drivers is even more important. Secondly, with the Q7, also consider that the entire frequency band except for the highs is reproduced with Magico's Nano-Tec drivers. I don't think the importance of this can be overstated when talking about a world-class loudspeaker. This characteristic of the Q7 makes for a sound that is truly state of the art from top to bottom. In short, I've still heard nothing that can compare with the Q7. If you can afford a pair of Q7s, get them. . . . Jeff Fritz