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To Jeff Fritz,

It was a pleasure reading your response to Devialet's SAM technology, which sounds utterly disruptive. That's really, really exciting for consumers, and kind of scary for manufacturers. If $7000 can drive the highest-end speakers in that fashion, then much of the high-end audio electronics industry may be near its demise. What happens in a few years when someone -- probably someone big like Sony or a Harman brand -- offers a $2000 knock-off that gets you 90% of the way there? The industry and hobby will be changed forever. Ordinary folks will become "audiophiles" without even knowing it. If it's really that good for that price, then it almost seems silly to review luxe equipment other than turntables and speakers until someone comes close to Devialet quality for less money, or does better for similar money.

Just some musings. I'd love to hear one of these things.

Brad Potthoff
United States