Thanks for your review of the Weiss DAC202 on Ultra Audio.

I am struggling between the Weiss DAC202 and the Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC. I will be auditioning the Weiss DAC202 in the coming week or so. I have some friends who have the Berkeley and I enjoy the sonic qualities.

I would like to see if you have also tried the Berkeley and what are your impressions between the DAC202 and Alpha DAC. Thanks and best regards.


I have not heard the Alpha DAC in my system, but Ultra Audio contributor Simeon Sandiford uses one in his reference system and has had nothing but great things to say about it. It has a stellar reputation and features some of the same advantages as the Weiss, namely a digital volume control so that you can bypass a preamp. If you are thinking of setting up a computer-based system, the biggest consideration is what type of digital output you'll use. Although both DACs have a number of input types, only the Weiss has a FireWire input that makes it the perfect partner for a Mac. That was one deciding factor for me -- along with the stunning sound quality, of course. The DAC202 is my reference DAC, and I can’t really find fault with it at this time. . . . Jeff Fritz