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I have read your reviews. I am just wondering if you have had a chance to listen to Burmester's B100 loudspeakers. If you have, what are your impressions of them? How would you rate them or how do you think they compare to other high-end speakers like Rockport's Altair?

I currently run an all-Burmester system, and I am just wondering if I should shop for another set of speakers from other companies.


I have heard numerous Burmester loudspeakers (sorry, don't know all the model numbers) at shows through the years and have, on occasion, been very impressed. Generalizing, they always seem to throw large soundstages and have the ability to fill large rooms easily. However, nothing I've heard at shows leads me to believe that they are in the same league as the Rockport Altair or a number of other speakers such as those from Vivid Audio, TAD, and a few others. To me, these companies are a clear step up when it comes to speakers. I guess the takeaway is this: listen to the Burmesters, by all means, as they may be what you want to match with your electronics, but definitely hear the other contenders for the state of the art in loudspeakers before you buy anything. . . . Jeff Fritz