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To Jeff Fritz,

I trust you are keeping well. If you were in my place and ever got the itch to upgrade from [my Rockport Technologies] Avior, what direction would you take? I am considering the Rockport Technologies Cygnus and the Tidal Contriva G2.

South Africa

Those are certainly two fine loudspeakers you’re considering. They are both topflight full-range floorstanders, and neither could be considered a bad choice by any means. That does not mean they are interchangeable, however.

The main difference will be in the tonal balances presented by the two speakers. In short, the Cygnus will sound fuller in the bass, and perhaps play a touch deeper into the low frequencies. Rockport is known for its generous bass response, and the two 10” woofers in each Cygnus are very capable in this regard. And although the top end of the Cygnus sounds more open than Rockports past, it will still sound a tad subdued when compared with the way many speakers present the treble. On the other hand, the Contriva G2 will sound more precise, with more finely delineated images placed on a more pinpoint-precise soundstage, due in part to the perception of increased treble information. The Contriva G2 will sound more airy and holographic in the highs, and faster in the bass.

These two speakers are both built to the loftiest standards, and are engineered to the highest degree possible. In those areas they are more alike than dissimilar. However, both products reflect the priorities of their designers, and which you’ll gravitate toward is very much a personal choice. Good luck and let me know what you ultimately choose. . . . Jeff Fritz