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To Jeff Fritz,

First, I want to thank you for the many great reviews you have been providing enthusiasts (including myself!) for years.

If I could ask you for a small request with a simple, honest question. Would Jeff Fritz trade in a Simaudio 700i integrated amplifier for a T+A Elektroakustik PA 3100 HV integrated amplifier? Hoping that the PA 3100 HV is better in all aspects. Much Appreciated.

Thank You,
Pat Del Sordo

What would Jeff Fritz do? Hmm, that’s a bit different than what would I advise you to do. But here goes: I would not make the trade, and here’s why. First, the Moon Evolution 700i retailed for $13,000, and has now been superseded by the v2 version. That means its trade-in value is not as great as it might be if it were a current product. The PA 3100 HV retails for $23,500. That means your out of pocket for the “upgrade” is likely to be well into five figures. If I were putting that kind of money into my system I’d look elsewhere. The 700i is a terrific integrated amplifier and, honestly, probably holds its own versus the T+A in most ways. Might the T+A edge it out in certain respects? Sure, but I’d have to hear a clear advantage in favor of the German amp before spending that kind of money, and I’m not confident that’s what I’d hear.

If it were me, and I had the space, I’d look at separates -- a power amp and a preamp. That’s probably the best way to get a sound-quality upgrade commensurate with the money outlay we’re talking about. So that’s what I would do, but I’d love to hear back when you know what you’re going to do. . . . Jeff Fritz