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To Jeff Fritz,

If you were a very happy owner of a pair of Rockport’s Atria speakers, would you consider trading in for the Atria II?

In your opinion, is the II better enough to justify the expense of making this change? The Atria is ideal for the size of my listening space (12’ x 15’).

Your 2014 review of the Atria, previous Rockport speaker reviews, and recent Avior II review, have been very helpful.

Thank you for your advice on arriving at a good decision, from a reader’s standpoint.

Baltimore, MD

I have not heard the Atria II at length, but I do think, based on what I know of the current round of upgrades Rockport has made of its loudspeaker line, that the new model is improved. Although I can’t predict whether the amount of improvement will be worth it to you to spend what is necessary to trade up -- those judgments are always highly personal -- it is a safe bet to say it is a better speaker in several ways.

I’m going to suggest you keep what you have, though. The Atria is a mighty fine speaker, and absolutely ideal for the size of your room. As you can see from watching our recent SoundStage! InSight videos, you have a finely crafted and expertly tested set of speakers. If I were you -- “a very happy owner” -- I’d enjoy what you have and not think too much about upgrading. . . . Jeff Fritz