To Jeff Fritz,

Most interesting topic.

However, the problem with this simplified discussion of psychological aspects is that it might lead to thinking in stereotypes, IMHO! But in real life there are no 100% stereotypes! In the context discussed here I am pretty sure that there are also audiophiles who primarily invest in luxury brands -- offering not only top image but also top sound and top durability, etc.

Or think about a poor audiophile who wins the jackpot of a lottery. Would he refuse to buy a luxury product now? Same problem with other categories of psychology. A normal human being often shows all aspects of those categories differing in time [and] changing with mood. Thus let’s be careful with simplifications and generalizations. However, I am pretty sure that cognitive bias can fool a listener when he is primed by the information about the price! On the other hand, I hardly can believe that the gold plating of a Bricasti DAC’s faceplate will significantly improve the sound quality!

Best regards,